Ushering business banking into the digital economy.


Increased design efficiency and maintained design governance by introducing a central design library. Worked closely with cross-functional teams to translate wireframes to well-designed screens. Was the point of contact for developers and the testing team during development.

[Redacted] Bank

4 months

Sketch, Abstract, Zeplin

Agile-scrm work enviroment, Visual Design


Our client was looking to help corporate clients manage their banking needs in a simpler, smarter, and more personalized manner.
The existing platform was in need of a refresh to stay relevant in the digital economy. There were multiple concerns among their corporate clients such as the lack of real-time tracking for cross-border payments. Working with these challenges in mind, our team proposed innovative solutions to provide businesses with greater transparency on their tasks.


Design Process

The project had already started mid-way when I came on to the project. I noticed that designers were all working in silos, which created problems in terms of design governance. After looking through all the work that was done, I established a central design library. The library played a vital role in reducing time spent when designing screens, and ensuring all assets, across 1600 screens, stays consistent and in line to brand guidelines. This process helped expedite the work and proved useful when there was a huge visual change afterward.

In addition, I worked closely with the Interaction Designers and Business Analysts to explore the flow and propose the best solution for the client. As the platform would be built responsive, greater sensitivity has to be placed on the flow to ensure that both platforms mirror each other intuitively without it feeling clunky.



Having had previous experience in working with developers, I was in close communication with the testing and development team. I helped increase the efficiencies for the development team by providing a source-of-truth resource on screen interactions and design assets. At the same time, I guided the design team on how the development process takes place so as to allow for better preparation of assets during future handovers.



A new and improved platform that corporate clients can use to manage a range of banking tasks with real-time notification and a greater transparency. In 2020, the platform was rolled out in Singapore before other regions. The existing corporate banking system was replaced by the platform and it was well received by the media and audiences.

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